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Seeking Partners to Bring My Idea To Market

Business Proposal1

CSP-Design will enable every homeowner an option for Inexpensive Photovoltaic System for their Home or Business.

In many of the calls from people who desire a solar photovoltaic system for their property I have found that the biggest hurdles to overcome are:
  • Total Costs of the System (Thousands of dollars that do not produce as reasonable return on the investment that is under 15 years) and or
  • Their Property Lacks the Area Needed (Total square footage of roof space) to install a field of solar panels that are needed to generate the required electricity to supply the needs of their building.

The CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) design I have been engineering and designing will overcome both of these hurdles and can be adapted for any roofing system and ground mount capabilities.

This Business Proposal is open to: People, Groups, and Organizations who are not affiliated with the following industries: fossil fuels or nuclear.
I am not trying to re-invent2 the wheel with my design and plan to adapt and use various individual components from the leaders in the photovoltaic industry that are currently on the market today.
To make this invention a viable solution and bring the product to market. I am seeking investors who are interested in assisting me with this project. To include:
  1. Monetary donations
  2. Copyright and assistance in establishing a corporation.
  3. Engineering assistance to fine tune the CSP design that will include real-world stats on the electrical output that is generated from the CSP system.
  4. Manufacturing assistance once the final design is configured.
At this stage in building the promotional model. I am relatively confident that I can build the system between $400.00-$1,000.00 and it will supply the same electrical output of a a system that uses 3-4 solar panels. This is a savings of 66% when compared to the costs of current solar panels on the market today.
I am still working out the percentages of income that investors are entitled to, and am not seeking monetary donations at this time. If you would like to learn more about the offering use and I will return any inquires for this offering.

1Initial Exploratory Public Offering For CSP Design-4/17/2011 This heading was changed- to Business Proposal 4/22/11- I do not own a publicly traded company.

2Archimedes was the first Concentrated Solar Designer and many companies and individuals have improved upon these principles

News and Statts-Missouri Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

News from the Missouri Legislation State CapitalEnergy Efficiency and Alternative Energy
We can protect the environment without adding additional costs to Missouri by increasing our overall efficiency. MCEA is supporting legislation this session that will help business owners navigate the difficulties faced when trying to install on-site power generations including solar and wind generation. We are also supporting legislation to help state buildings be more energy efficient. We applaud Governor Nixon’s Executive Order 09-18, which led to a 5.6% reduction in energy usage and a savings of over $3 million last year. He has proven that efficiency works. We will be supporting legislation that helps Missouri continues down this road of savings through efficiency.

If you live in St Louis Use the following Links to contact your local officials


Clean Solar beats Dirty Coal x5

five reasons why solar power beats the pants off coal Hands Down

(1) Solar is clean. Once up and running, a solar energy system is a zero-emissions source of power. No carbon-dioxide. No sulfur dioxide. No arsenic. No air-borne particulates… Essentially none of the environmental and health hazards associated with coal-fired power plants.

(2) Coal is old energy. Think about it: when you combust coal, you’re essentially burning dead plant material that was buried millions of years ago. Plus, coal has been mined for use as a fuel as far back as 10,000 years ago in China. Talk about yesterday’s energy…

A solar PV panel, by contrast, generates electricity using new energy from the sun. Literally: it takes about 11 minutes from when the sunlight leaves the sun, hits your solar panels and gets converted into juice to power your flatscreen TV.

(3) Coal is a finite resource. I’m not going to lie: we here in the U.S. are blessed (maybe cursed?) with vast coal reserves; we’ve got a hundred years or more worth of the stuff. But if I were going to put my money on which will happen first — we run out of coal or the sun burns out — I’d be all in on the former.

(4) Cost-wise, solar is closing in on coal. New analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests that, as the cost of generating electricity from the sun continues to fall, solar power may soon rival coal-fired plants.

(5) Solar panels generate electricity at a fixed price. Since the “fuel” that powers solar panels comes from the sun, you don’t have to pay for it. As a result, the price of the resulting electricity won’t fluctuate over time. (Indeed, this is one of the great benefits of owning a solar energy system: as the price of conventional electricity increases over time, the impact of these hikes on your monthly energy costs is minimized.)

In contrast, operators of coal-fueled plants have to take into consideration price fluctuations of their main input, coal.

List your own reasons why Clean Solar Energy beats the burning the Dirty Fossil Fuels in the comment section below.  Scotty Article was cross posted

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List you own areas that Clean Renewable Energy via Solar Photovoltaic, CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) is better than Fossil Fuels Dirty Energy From Dirty Coal

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Reducing Home Cooling Costs by Weatherization

-Attic Insulation-I’ve put a little information to help assist in explaining ‘Attic Insulation for a Home’. I take a whole house approach to Reduce Home’s Energy Energy Needs.  The Attic Area,  Attic insulation, Attic Ventilation being just one area.

In the old days contractors just blew the insulation into the attic. Now, I suggest that any

  • Air Infiltration areas be resolved before adding insulation- Stop the Air (Hot or Cold) From Entering or Leaving a Home.
    • This includes: proper attic ventilation, ceiling protrusions(Light Boxes / Ceiling Fan), access points, mechanical and electric points, Attic Knee Walls, Obtrusion’s, etc

    Adding Radiant Barriers for Existing Buildings-in a nutshell this bounces the Exterior Temperature back outside.

    • Attached to the Underneath Side of Existing Rafters
    • Option 1:Double Reflective R-Values range from R-3.7 to R-17

    Attic Add Insulation to meet Suggested Guidelines

    • When used in conjunction with a Radiant Barrier-Cost of Insulation is reduced and thickness / weight of insulation is reduced.
    • When we come over to perform an Green Site Evaluation. We will inspect for the above mentioned problem areas. Discuss and Explain the various solutions and offer Advice on Helping You Save $Money$.
    • Next, I’ll determine the Materials, Time Frame, and Labor needed to Complete and Fix the Areas Quoted in the Project- On-Time and With-In any Budgeting Concerns.
    • I’ll then submit a Project Proposal that will discuss project in detail. Answer any Questions and Explain the Procedures.
    Looking forward to meeting you and discussing the ways I can help with Lowering your Energy Bills while saving you Money on Your Cooling Costs.
    Green Me UP-Scotty,

    Home Depot as Material Supplier used for the Green Fiber Insulation-
    (some of the most Affordable Insulation for your Buildings that is on the Market)
  • Energy Star Government Suggestion for (Reference Links Below)
  • w/ no insulation Add Insulation to achieve=R38 to R60
  • If existing 3-4 inches Add Insulation to achieve=R38
  • Suggested needed Rvalue of Insulation on Attic Floor=R25 to R30

  • Step One- Determine the Existing Insulation RValue

  • Step Two – Calculate Your Need
    This is GreenFiber® Cellulose Loose-Fill Insulation
    click here to download coverage chart in PDF

    Application Coverage Chart

    Product # INS551LD

    R-Value @75°F Mean Temp

    Minimum Thickness

    Maximum Net Coverage
    (No Adjustments for Framing)

    Gross Coverage
    (Based on 2″x6″ Framing, 16″ on centers)

    To Obtain a Thermal Resistance (R) of:

    Installed Insulation Should Not Be Less Than

    Thickness After Settling

    Maximum Square Feet per Bag

    Minimum Bags per 1,000 Square Feet

    Minimum Weight (lbs.) per Square Foot

    Maximum Square Feet per Bag

    Minimum Bags per 1,000 Square Feet

















































































    The coverage chart is based on settled thickness, a nominal bag weight of 22.55 lbs and coverage based on the GreenFiber Monarch blowing machine. Settings are non adjustable. Use this chart for estimating purposes only. Job conditions, application techniques and settings on other equipment will influence actual coverage.

    Do not add water to this product.

    Referrence Materials:
  • Feel free to utilize the following information to Schedule a Free Green site evaluation.

    Green Me UP-Scotty

Save $Money$ on Cooling Costs-Home or Business

You Cooling Bills are generally the mostly costly bills of the Year, Here are some tips to save you money.  Green Me UP-Scotty is available to assist you to Reduce your Energy Bills by Weatherizing Your Home or Business.

The Money You Spend on Weatherization will come back to you in real-time savings on your Summer Time Cooling Bills!!!

For Every $1-Dollar Spent on Weatherization will Return a $2 Savings on your Energy Bills

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Disgusted with the Politicians

If you are like me and  not happy with the Politicians and their Back Room Deals with Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Business. I suggest to everyone to check out this site. It is full of valuable information about who is donating and to whom. After viewing the information You to will then have an idea (A-Hah Moment!!!) of why the politicians vote as they do.

In regard to Climate Change and Global Warming– the Biggest Polluters Donate the most money to the Politicians. The Majority of the Republican Party receives Donations (Numbering in the Millions) to their piggy banks in the form of Lobbying $ Money $, campaign re-election funds, etc

The only viable solutions I can see is to:
1) End lobbying activities by Big Business;

2) Don’t Vote Republican (in the upcoming elections-I will be voting a Straight Democratic Ticket for the 1st time in my life- and I personally am still in shock when I say this);

3)Get serious about Reducing Energy Use– by Weatherization, Recycling, and Renewable Energy in your Home and Work.


Green Me UP-Scotty

ps: a house is built one piece at a time, each stage of the Building Process is built on the preceding one. The same technique can be applied to Building a Less Polluted and Better World for everyone.

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